Your Colorado Home Safer Thanks To Technology


There is no question; not only has technology made our lives easier, but it is also keeping us safer and helping to keep Colorado home insurance premiums lower. Let’s look at few ways technology has helped with your homeowner’s insurance.

  • Wireless options for home security and control — Today you can set up programs that will monitor your home’s lights, temperature, and security, all from your smart phone.
  • Leak detection systems for water heaters and gas lines — Many of today’s home security systems are designed to detect leaks, furnace failures, and other common household problems.
  • Security Video — Many internet companies offer home video systems that will actually allow you to see what is going on inside your home through your smart phone.
  • Home weather warning systems — There are weather warning programs that can detect high winds and identify severe weather earlier than ever before.
  • Security Detectors — There are many different kinds of smoke, moisture, radon, and other detectors that monitor gasses in your home.
  • Sprinkler Systems — Home fire sprinkler systems are becoming very common in larger homes, and many new building codes actually require them in some homes. These systems are designed for new construction, but retrofitting costs are coming down as technology improves.

All these systems have helped reduce the number and severity of homeowner’s claims. Even if you do not use these, you are benefiting from those who do.

How Colorado Insurance insures better than most?

We believe in ensuring our clients properly, and not sacrificing coverage which could put you in a compromising position. Whether it be more extended dwelling coverage on your home policy, to correctly scheduling valuables to making sure we educate you on the importance of adding an umbrella policy. You can rest assured that our agents have the knowledge and experience to insure you better.