When to Submit a Claim

Most people never get around to reading their insurance policies.

Honestly, who wants to?

You expect us as your agent to read it and we have! But we’re here to tell you the most important part about your policy isn’t in your policy. In fact, it’s not even written down!

But if it were written down, it would say something like this:

“We’ll pay your claim if it’s covered no problem… We’ll even pay two claims… But we’re not going to wait around to pay a third claim.”

In other words, insurance companies tell you what’s covered but not how many times it’s covered.  Most companies industry-wide will only pay on 2 claims before they decide to non-renew your policy.

It’s awful when we see a customer cancelled for submitting “too many” claims, especially dinky little ones. And we don’t want this to happen to you.  Call and discuss the claim with us prior to filing, it’s what we are here for!

Fact is, not asking the insurance company to pay all your claims – even though you are contractually entitled – is a strategy that can save you money now and over the long-run… and keep you insured in case of a real emergency.

Please call us to review your deductibles and talk about your personal “dollar tolerance level” before you ask the insurance company to take over any loss.


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