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Industry Leading Products, Expertise in the Colorado Insurance Market, WOW Customer Service
At Colorado Insurance we pride ourselves on building long lasting client relationships through honesty, integrity, professionalism, and a sincere commitment to ensure you and your family are properly protected from life’s unplanned disasters…

We truly believe we serve our community’s families better than anyone in Colorado. We believe this because we focus our energy and resources on our client’s, determining their needs, their level of risk, and finding the perfect insurance program for their specific needs…
We have over 25 years of experience in the Colorado insurance markets and even more specifically in personal lines auto, home, and umbrella insurance. We take great pride in the following areas:

Industry leading products
We have contracts with over 12 preferred personal lines insurance carries to insure we are able to not only offer you the best available products and services in the marketplace, customized to meet your individual and families needs.

Industry leading knowledge and experience
Our insurance agency specializes in providing the coverage necessary for Colorado. We have over 25 years of experience in this state and providing protection specifically designed to protect against the risks that are specific to the state of Colorado.

Personalized Service
Unlike most independent insurance agencies you will find, Colorado Insurance manages all our client accounts in-house. We personally take care of every single household to ensure our customers are receiving a consistent industry leading service experience. There are no “1-800 Good Luck” numbers around here; you will always know the representative responsible for managing your policies. No matter which company we may place your assets with, our service team will always be your point of contact for all your servicing needs.

Competitive Pricing
The beautiful thing about choosing Colorado Insurance is the versatility of having more then 12 different preferred insurance carriers at your finger tips!! The insurance markets are every changing and what may seem like a competitive rate today may not be a competitive rate tomorrow. Our focus is to manage your policies and ensure you are always receiving the best available combination of coverage and premium between the companies we represent. You will never have to worry about your rates and your pricing ever again!!

Annual Policy Reviews
Our new client acquisition process in just the beginning!! We are here to be your insurance adviser for the life of your policies!! Every year our goal is to remain in communication with you, review your specific insurance policies, adjust your coverage, introduce new insurance products and services, and ensure all of your specific insurance needs are being met. At Colorado Insurance you are a preferred client and our goal is to keep it that way!!

Specialized Product Focus
We are focused, we are specialized, and we are dedicated to personal lines insurance. We are good at what we do and we are confident to let you know about it!! If you need a home loan you see a mortgage specialist. If you need to invest your money you see an investment specialist. If you want to buy a new home you find the best available real estate agent… Why should insurance be any different? If you are in the market for home and auto insurance, I promise you have found the finest independent insurance company in Colorado!!

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