The Whole Package

What does it mean to insure the whole package?

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When we look at your insurance needs, we make sure that first and foremost you are properly protected.  This means we are going to ask you about all your assets and make sure the “whole package” is put together correctly.  Not only does this ensure bundling discounts but it truly provides you with the best possible coverage for you and your family.

Whether you own a home or just renting a place, we will take care of that policy as well as your cars, atv, rv, boat, motorcycle, etc.  Then we will suggest an umbrella policy which covers yourself against exceeding your policy limits.  Ultimately this policy adds an extra layer of protection and comes into play if you get sued or need to protect your assets and future earnings.

Not everybody understands insurance and we get that.  We will never write a policy without discussing each step and informing you what it is that you are covered for.  Having 12 different options (Progressive, Allied, The Hartford, Met Life, etc) will automatically provide a great rate and from there it is our job to guide you in the right direction.  We would be doing you and your family a disservice if we did not place all of your assets with the same carrier.  That is why insuring the whole package is important.

Trust our agency to take care of your complete insurance needs.  We work for you!

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