Life Insurance: Buy Today, Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

You hear the ads on the radio and see the commercials on tv but how closely do you pay attention to the offers? Sometimes the death of a loved one will bring to mind the need for a life insurance policy but day to day it’s likely not your first concern. We’d like to remedy that. True, it can be an uncomfortable topic but let’s have the conversation. You may wonder why do I need life insurance? When should I buy life insurance? Where should I buy life insurance? Let us help guide you:


Why do I need life insurance?

 There are many ways for the benefits of your life policy to be used. Are you the breadwinner in your family? Without your income will your spouse and children still be able to maintain their lifestyle? A life policy can help take the financial burden off your loved ones and help to supplement your income. The funds can help keep your spouse on track with mortgage payments, pay property taxes and utilities – the uses are endless. Are you single without children? A policy can help to cover funeral costs or debts.


When should I buy life insurance?

    ASAP. Don’t wait to buy life insurance, buy it today. Not only is the future unpredictable but the younger you are when you buy a life policy the better the rates. Depending on the policy your health may also be a factor in determining coverage eligibility rates. Buying a life policy while you are healthy is going to be easier than trying to purchase life insurance if your health begins to deteriorate.


Where should I buy life insurance?

   It can be hard to know who to trust for your life insurance needs. Many employers may offer policies to their employees. This is great –  but what many don’t consider is what should happen if your job status should change? Often, we see that if you lose your job or decide to change jobs that the life insurance policy will end. We always recommend buying a life policy independent of the one offered whether it is in addition to or in replacement of the work offered insurance policy.

    We have some great options for life insurance coverage and are always happy to discuss this with you. You’ve entrusted us with protecting some of the most important aspects of your life -your home, your cars and your toys. Trust that we will use as much care with helping you decide what policy is best for you and your family.


We’ll make it easy to keep all your coverage in one place. Give us a call at 720-283-1722 for a no obligation life insurance quote today.