Time to Put the Boat in the Water!

colorado-boat-insuranceColorado Insurance recognizes it is time to start thinking about spring and summer activities. Boat owners need to do a little prep work to make sure your outside activities go off without a hitch.

  1. Check your insurance to make sure it is up to date. Call Colorado Insurance for a free review. You may have added new equipment during the year that might change your insurable value.
  2. Check Battery and make sure terminals not corroded. Clean all wires and make sure battery is working.
  3. Inspect all life vest make sure they are in order.
  4. Is your license or registration up to date?
  5. Check engine oil and oil filter.
  6. Check your fire extinguisher to make sure it still works
  7. Complete a general engine check for leaks, fluid level and tighten any belts.
  8. Test the light, horn, bilge pump, VHF radio.
  9. Complete an outside check of the hull for any damage.
  10. Make sure the drain plug is in good working order.
  11. If you have a trailer, check all lights and tries.

Now enjoy your boat, be safe, and don’t forget to call Colorado Insurance for all your RV needs.