Home for the Holidays

With each season that passes we tackle a new set of risks and hazards. We’d like to bring a few to your attention for this upcoming winter holiday season.


Outdoor Maintenance –Shovel and salt any sidewalks that pedestrians have access to. Try keeping up with the snow as it falls to make it easier to deal with.  Neglecting this duty is a liability risk and could leave you open to a lawsuit should a guest get injured.

Toasty Fires – Once the temperature drops people begin to use the fireplaces in their homes. Consider getting your fireplace cleaned. You may not remember the last time this was done. A soot and ash filled chimney not only poses a fire risk but can also pose a health risk as creosote and carbon monoxide can damage your home and health.

Holiday Lights – When installing holiday lights outside make sure that someone helps to steady the ladder and never overreach. Instead of using nails or staples to attach the lights consider using hooks and clips. Swap out your old lights for LED lights. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient and longer lasting but they also don’t conduct heat the way that older incandescent bulbs do.

Trees – Before you jump right into decorating the tree be sure to inspect light strings for damage from the past year. Exposed wires and burnt out bulbs are a definite fire danger. If you opt for a live tree in your home, make sure that you keep it well watered and far from your fireplace. Properly dispose of the tree soon after the festivities because as the tree dies away it becomes a higher fire risk.

Décor – A common cause of holiday fires are candles. Make sure to never leave a candle unattended and be certain that the area around it is clear of flammable materials. The popularity of electronic candles is on the rise, think about investing in a few as they are a safe and long-lasting alternative.

We hope that this holiday season is fun, relaxing and gives you plenty of time to spend with your family. Give us a call for any of your insurance questions and concerns! Reach us by phone at 720-283-1722.