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We are now excited to offer you the same high level of service and customer experience for your business insurance! Call us today to find out more and get a quote started!

Colorado Insurance is excited to announce a limited roll out commercial carrier in Colorado. We are 1 of 12 agencies chosen to represent this company, and their business insurance rates are traditionally 30% less expensive. Call the Colorado Insurance commercial team today to find out more!


Why choose Colorado Insurance to insure your business?

We provide our clients with a boutique brokerage strategy, allowing us to give you the personal attention that your business deserves.

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Carrier options

We at Colorado Insurance have put together a comprehensive portfolio of carriers tailored for the needs of Colorado businesses. We have options to fit almost every type of business with competitive pricing and flexible coverage options. Don’t just shop one carrier, allow the team at Colorado Insurance to shop multiple carriers at once!

Unique customer service

Finding the policy that is right for your business is important, but high level of customer service is just as imperative. We understand that when you need us, you don’t have time to wait. We at Colorado Insurance pride ourselves in being responsive with fast turnaround on customer service and certificate needs and requests.[/one_half]


Need to figure out whether the people that work for you are independent contractors or in fact employees that need to be covered under workers comp? The helpful info below should help answer this question!


It can be tough to decide as a business owner whether the people that are working for you are technically an employee of your company or in fact an independent contractor. This, of course, will dictate your work comp policy that you need to carry and can help you avoid costly, unexpected audit penalties. Below are some basic guidelines to follow which will help you navigate this sometimes confusing process!

The Workers’ Compensational Act states that any individual who performs work for you as an employee unless the individual:
  • Is free from control and direction in the performance of the service, and
  • Is customarily engaged in an independent trade, occupation, profession, or business related to the service being provided, and
  • Has no workers

The facts will determine the status of employee or general contractor

Is the individual “free from control of direction?”
  • Do you tell the individual when or how doing the job?
  • Do you provide tools or equipment

If the answer is no to these questions, the facts indicate the individual is free from control

Is the individual “engaged in an independent trade, occupation, profession or business?
Does the individual:
  • Has business name?
  • Carry business insurance?
  • Offer this service to any other business?
  • Submit invoices?
  • Supply the tools and vehicle?
  • Work alone? (if not, he or she may need to carry workers’ compensation.)
  • Are the payments made to the business name?
  • Is the individual paid by a fixed rate?

If the answer is yes to all of the above questions, the facts indicate the individual is independent.

– This information was provided by Pinnacol Assurance-