Colorado Congressman Creates Healthcare Reform Bill

Recently a congressman here in Colorado who is pushing against the ACA or Affordable Care Act is promoting a new legislation that will aim to protect those with pre-existing medical conditions.

This new bill is dubbed the “Guaranteed Health Coverage for Pre Existing Conditions Act of 2014.”

Colorado Represenative Mike Coffman said that it help insurance companies find coverage for those with difficult pre-existing conditions. Up until now it is been a struggle for many Colorodans to find coverage with pre-existing conditions.

Coffman talked about his plan to repeal the ACA but overall wants to keep consumer protections as an overall strategy to reform the healthcare system.

“We can have a patient-centered healthcare system that has the consumer protections that the American people want without the harsh mandates that have caused so many to lose the policies that they wanted to keep or the doctors that they liked,” said Representative Coffman recently.

The ACA has been debated amongst a number of different leaders in the US and Representative Coffman has not been the first congressman to create a plan of his own.